Wandle Learning Trust is committed to good corporate governance to ensure that the Trust is directed and controlled in a consistent and transparent manner.

We are governed by:


Members are the guardians of Wandle Learning Trust. They establish and oversee the effectiveness of the Trust Board. As such the Department for Education describes their role as eyes on, hands off and they are akin to shareholders within a Company limited by Guarantee.


Trustees are appointed by Members to oversee the business of Wandle Learning Trust, agreeing the overarching strategic direction and ensuring robust governance.

Executive Team

Our Executive Team manages the day-to-day business of the Trust in line with policies approved by Trustees.


Local Academy Committees provide challenge and support to Academy Leadership Teams as the Academy implements policies and improvement plan priorities.

Academy Leadership Teams manage the day-to-day business of the individual academy under the oversight of the Executive Team, with challenge and support from their Local Academy Committee.

A scheme of delegation governs what responsibilities and decisions are taken at which level of the organisation.